Nate Rattner @ SeatGeek

Content Analyst Application

Data + Storytelling + Startups is the perfect fit.

Hey SeatGeek - I’m Nate, a current Venture for America Fellow and recent journalism school grad with professional media, startup, and technology experience. I’m thrilled about the opportunity to tell stories with SeatGeek’s ticket data and be the go-to resource for news outlets seeking insights around major events.

I’m a huge sports and music fan, love the SeatGeek product and web experience, and am really excited about the wealth of ticket data your company has accumulated over the years. I can see infinite ways to dig into the numbers, from day-to-day analysis and media outreach to longer-term investigations and storytelling products, and I think my skills would allow me to both hit the ground running and grow and evolve with this role over time.

Here’s what I can bring to the Content Analyst position:

Journalism Background

I built a background in reporting and writing and an understanding of the media landscape at Northwestern’s Medill School of Journalism.

Startup Experience

Since graduation, I’ve been working at a venture-backed, high-growth startup through the Venture for America fellowship program.

Data & Programming

Data analysis has been a significant portion of my work, and I’ve been building web development skills on and off the job.


I’ve grown audiences through multiple digital marketing channels, and have an understanding of SEO strategy.

Work Sample

Here are some story ideas I would execute on as a Content Analyst with access to the SeatGeek database. Each storyline could be pitched to relevant national and local news outlets for coverage, or published by SeatGeek on a blog or social media.

Click each box for details on the approach I'd take to the analysis.

Which college football fans travel most to support their team?

The impact of new stadiums on ticket prices

Which concert venues most frequently have last-minute ticket deals?

The "Drake Effect" on ticket prices

What U.S. events draw the biggest international crowds?

Projecting the price of Cubs tickets, if they had made the World Series

Best “bang for your buck” in sports

Preseason report: the most highly anticipated season openers

Regular season recap: how much extra did NFL fans pay to see “playoff-caliber” football?

The most expensive ticket in each state this weekend

Interactive Products

I also have an interest in interactive storytelling and products. I'd love to work with the SeatGeek product and development teams to create experiences that would delight users and have a good chance of getting picked up in the press. Here's one idea:

How much would it cost to watch your fantasy baseball team play?

This web application would be based on a statistical model that calculates the secondary ticket revenue, on an individual basis, that top MLB players were responsible for throughout the 2015 season. The model would assign monetary values to each player, and then aggregate this data into a total ticket price for a user-entered fantasy team.

Please note: this is a rough draft of the idea and there are limitations to this concept.

Contact Nate

I'd love the opportunity to discuss further. Please feel free to email or call anytime.